All orders getting rejected this morning [Solved ✅]

I don’t know if it’s only happening to me but this morning I havent been able to place a single order. All 20 or so orders I’ve put through have been rejected. What is going on!


I’m averaging down on Vusa today and mine was rejected also…market halted maybe at open?

Same, I have tried multiple times to sell two (mainstream, popular) assets and it fails every time. Useless.

Looks like everyone is affected.

Same as well glad someone else has spotted this

I can’t see any announcements made in respect to the market being stopped.

No idea what’s going on, but it’s definitely not the usual reasons for it being rejected. I’ve tried around 10 different shares and none of them go through

Yeah same tried a variety of my shares and none have gone through!

Was told they’re having technical issues so they closed the market…

Yeah there’s an in app message now.

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Unsure what happened this morning but is Freetrade now experiencing a similar issue?

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Freetrade is having technical issues this morning…

Orders got rejected. Now queued at 3pm…

looks like instant orders are now executing at 3pm?

Market’s working normally. It’s a Freetrade issue

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If that’s the case. Cancel it. You don’t want to get caught out at 3pm with current volatility. Try placing insta orders manually throughout the day.


Thanks for the reply (i’d closed one of my other accounts recently, so can’t check).

These are already stressful times. If on top when you need to buy/sell your platform shuts down, well…


Anyone had an update from Freetrade? I’m (hopefully) going to pick up some shares today when my top up goes through

Orders still get queued. No news nor updates from the team.