Order rejected

I put in two basic orders today (both low value), one of which was rejected. The other, only half of the requested shares were purchased.

I’ve checked the share prices and there was enough money in my account to cover both orders. I have the cash left in my account now so I’ll try again tomorrow but it’s a bit disappointing. I hope the prices don’t go up too much before I manage to buy them!

Any reason why an order would be rejected?

This blog post covers it


Balance isn’t counted. It wouldn’t make sense if you placed 5 orders and the market all suddenly rises, which of the 5 should get priority etc. Also you didn’t agree to the new price and a user might complain it’s too expensive.

What I do is just add a nice cushion. £522 estimated? Knock it up to £530 or so. The problem will go away with fractional shares along with the disappearing decimals maybe

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There are a few reasons this can happen, most of them are covered in the blog above – thanks for sharing that, @saf.

We’ll get back to you on the in-app chat, @danmullen, and we’ll get to the bottom of it.


Thanks, I’ve had feedback so it’s all sorted. Essentially no-one was selling at a reasonable price so the trade didn’t go through.

The other one where less quantity was purchased was apparently due to the share price creeping up, though I’ve checked and I would have thought there was still enough to cover it. Not to worry though, I’ll resubmit today.

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Bump - for those who aren’t aware of this.

Rejection - part of “best execution”, so it’s really the users who are getting protected.

Have seen my sell order being rejected multiple times this morning.

There’s no need to point me to articles explaining why this may happen during volatile tides for I’m aware of these and I just want my order to be executed.

I’ve also tried to place a sell order on HL. Got the message live quotes are not available at the moment, and couldn’t place the deal


If you are a plus member, use limit orders if you can. A great way to avoid the grind of rejected orders.