Sell Order Rejected Reasons?

I had a couple of physical gold shares that I requested to sell via basic order today, however when I checked back after 4pm it said it had been rejected.

Please can someone help me understand the reasons as to why sell/buy orders are rejected, and if there are any ways to try and mitigate this going forward?

Would be interesting to know, how does the success rate compare between basic and instant orders?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear that your orders were rejected, we’ve shared some info about why this happens & how to avoid it in this blog post.

The success rate for basic & instant orders is similar but obviously you’ll have a chance to try again straight away when you’re planing an instant order.

If you’d like us to check why your particular order failed today, just drop us a message on live chat in the app & we’ll check on that for you.


Hey Harry, in addition to what Alex said, @Mitchell has shared some information about orders being rejected and how Freetrade will be mitigating this going forward.