Rejected stock

Why is my share being rejected?

For someone to give you a good answer, you’ll have to give more details. Are you trying to buy a stock or sell one, and your transaction has been rejected? Did you make an ‘instant order’ or a limit order? What stock is it, and what price did you set if it was a limit order? Exactly when did you try to place the order?

Usually the problem is simply that nobody else in the market was willing to buy your shares from you at the price you wanted, or to sell their shares to you at the price you wanted. Remember that when you’re trading shares, you’re not buying or selling shares from Freetrade, you’re actually making deals with other shareholders (individuals, brokers, hedge funds, etc.) on the stock exchange. For popular, widely-traded stocks, there’s almost always a willing buyer/seller if the price is right, and companies called ‘market makers’ will buy/sell almost anything (at the right price!) to keep the wheels turning. However, for small, niche stocks, there might not be someone out there at any given moment who wants to trade.

See Why was my order rejected? | Support and Freetrade Invest Hub for more information about rejected orders.

My process if this happens with a volatile stock is first try a few times, then try smaller chunks, then google the current price and put a limit order slightly higher.

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