Rejected trades

What was going on today? I made attempts to buy into a stock only for repeated rejections while all I could do was watch the share price go up and up. Very irritating.

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That’s probably the reason, the up and up bit. Hard to fix a price

So I can only buy shares that are stable and not popular and active? That sounds as depressing as missing out in the first place. I appreciate your response though.


Was it as soon as market opened? I find that’s when most rejections have happened, in my experience. Prob as jbowen says, due to the volatility (Up & UP)

No, it was around 3-4pm. In reality I should have bought yesterday but they have been very active and volatile all week so I might have had the problem at any time. Who knows?

Hopefully just a one off :+1:

I had an issue yesterday where I repeatedly failed in a transaction but a few other things were not quite right. so I went to settings on my phone and did a force stop of the app and then tried again and it went through first time. Apart from that I have found the success rate much improved over the last few weeks

You can read more below about why trades can fail.

Message us in-app if you have specific questions about a trade(s).

Agree. Not a great UX. I would personally like to see a more graceful error handling / message presented to the user.

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