Order being rejected

I have been trying all afternoon to place an order for GSAT but this keep being rejected. The standard response I am receiving is not enough and being a plus member and not being able to contact anyone for hours is not a good experience. I can’t believe the reasons given on your troubleshoot guide for why stock order are rejected can apply to all scenarios. My friend was able to buy the same stock with another provider with no issues. Something must be done about this


This stock in question is volatile and is up 50% today and 150% over the last few days which is probably the reason for the orders not going through.

More descriptive and user friendly failed transaction handling/messages is definitely an area I would like to see some improvement.

Having said that, this isn’t isolated to Freetrade and I have experienced this with both fintechs and established brokers.

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What price did your friend get compared to what was quoted? If the stock is shooting up 60% in a day, FT can’t find a price close to their quoted one and it keeps rejecting. They really need a 15 second best offer ideally.

$0.67, $0.80 and $0.84
He’s been able to place multiple orders in the time Iv had over 45 rejected orders…can’t put that down to volatility alone there’s something not right with Freetrade system here.


I’m having similar issues, tried all ways to book order and its getting rejected… My wife too complained the same

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