Order rejected over... and over... and over

I’m trying to place an order and it’s rejecting over and over again right now.

Attempt 1: Error placing order
Attempt 2: Error placing order
Attempt 3: Order rejected
Attempt 4: Order rejected
Attempt 5: Error placing order
Attempt 6: Syncing (still syncing, taking ages), says I’ve bought 0 shares. (EDIT - didn’t go through)
Attempt 7: Order rejected

I don’t give a shit about minor price movements, I just want the order to fill!

So I go over to my LISA at HL and buy. Instant success, HL gets me the shares. Come on Freetrade what’s going on? Why are these error messages so bad?

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We’re looking into this.

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Hey :wave:

Can you drop us a message on in-app chat so we can check this out?

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Already have done!