Minimum amount value for each share order?

I’ve now used freetrade three times with twice the order being rejected both of these were for lloyds shares is there a minimum order value with some shares ? the one and only time its worked was for a different share entirely.

I can’t find any information in the FAQ regarding a minimum order value or minimum number of shares that need to be purchased per order ?

Nope 1 share is minimum

thanks for the quick reply so no minimum value for the order either ? i tried to buy 4 lloyds shares at 50p with £2.50 in the account i’m just trying to use up the remaining balance. The rejection on the activity feed doesn’t include any information about why this was rejected. perhaps i’m missing something obvious anyone have any idea what the problem could be ?

Did you put £2.50 in the amount field? That should be plenty for 4 shares plus stamp duty. Was it a basic or instant buy?

i put in £2.25 order value and it was a basic buy going ahead at 4pm

in the order it says

basic order buy £2.00
no of shares 4
latest price 50p
stamp duty 0.01
commission 0.00

Yes that should’ve gone through but orders can be rejected for various reasons.

Freetrade has a blog that explains some reasons for order rejections:

Message them on the app chat and you will find out the reason.

Hi there :wave:

Sorry to hear your order was rejected.

If you pop us an in-app message, we can get this looked into for you and see why it was rejected.

As @AlexR mentioned we’ve also published a blog with some reasonings for orders being rejected that can be found here.

thanks for the detail reply much appreciated

i did send a previous message to them regarding a rejected trade on the 15th august for the same shares lloyds. i got a reply saying they were investigating i replied 12 hours later asking if there was any update and that was ignored i’ve had no replies regarding this since.

this is the reason i’m trying to use my balance up as longterm i’ve decided to use a different platform.

i have already asked for further communication regarding the previous rejected trade on the 15th august but got no reply to my message “is there any update on this”

Looking at the blog link it does seem like this could be the reason but twice in a row for the same shares seems more than just teething problems. but you are a new company so we should expect this.

thanks for the information guys much appreciated.

I’ve had roughly around 140 transaction with freetrade since april I think of which about 7 have been rejected. So for me its fairly unusual. Most trades are between 100 and 250 for comparison tho

its now happened twice in a row with the same share Lloyds the only other time i’ve used freetrade and it work perfectly so my assumption is that there are problems sourcing/buying certain shares which sadly includes Lloyds.

I’ve decided to purchase a different company share today so i’m hoping all will go smoothly as i’m trying to use up my remaining balance its more annoyance than anything else.

If i had wanted to buy a higher volume of shares and this had been rejected i might have been more unhappy but freetrade is still a new company and will have these teething problems so it is more understandable.