Minimum price £2

Previously if I’ve had a spare 20p or so after buying I’ve thrown it into a penny stock like Reabold or Greatland Gold. Today it says minimum spend £2 on sell and buy. Not a real issue but seems a shame. Is that for cost on freetrades’s end I suppose? I’ll have to save up the pennies now :laughing:


It’s to do with the fractional shares beta roll out, not sure if it’s staying that way or not

This was mentioned on another post

Does this mean that you won’t be able to use the money from dividends to reinvest?

Only if the value is over £2 or you’ll have to deposit money or wait for further dividends.

So I have a few shares with less value than £2. Would I be able to sell them. Or will they just be stuck in limbo.

Hey all, that’s right, the minimum value we can trade is £2, so you’ll need to save the pennies if your dividends are beneath this level or top them up with some extra cash.

If you hold shares today that are worth less than £2 the best thing to do is buy enough to increase the value above the minimum, then you’ll be able to sell. Luckily we won’t charge you any commission if you do :slight_smile:


Is this change here to stay or just whilst the beta is run and fractional shares rolled out?


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