US stock prices & fractional shares


I’ve just started looking at the US stocks and see some of the interesting ones at $1k plus. If I want to buy into those companies do I need to at least pony up $1k and buy a single share or is there a way to put less in and buy part of a share or something?


Currently you’ll need to purchase a whole share.

However Freetrade has plans on offering fractional shares in the future which will let you buy a percentage of a share.

(Rob N) #3

It was mentioned in a blog that fractional shares are planned for later this year :tada:


Is there any inkling how small the fractions will be.
From what I’ve read I’m guessing 20% of 1 share will be the minimum or is this still under review.
I know I should wait and see :man_facepalming::blush:

(Vladislav Kozub) #5

I have heard about £1 being the minimum but no definitive answer has yet been given.


On the website home page it says from £1 though I don’t know if that will change. Will be ana amazing feature once implemented. It will allow easy purchase of very expensive shares, plus dividend reinvestment becomes a doddle. Personally it’s my most anticipated feature, along with more US stocks