Sell failed several times?

I’m trying to shorten my position by selling half my shares on 1 particular tech stock, but it keep failing, any reason why? it’s a major stock that is currently on the move up, is it just no buyers? I’ve tried about 7 times now but it always comes back failed. Is this normal?

I’m trying to buy and also failing.

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Ahh thanks Lucas maybe a server issue then…thanks I’ll keep trying.

Dam what a shame price dropping now…still can’t sell, I tried different amounts but can’t even sell 1 share.

I got a reply from a FreeTrade agent seems a technical problem occurred and they had to temp close US market.

Currently got an order pending- was a £20 Buy, though the queue says ‘Pending £0.00’… Assuming this was part of the same issue?

No idea on that problem but got a message saying it’s fixed now.

Glad they managed to fix the other issue quickly- the FT team seems to be quite an efficient bunch.

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