ISA Stocks All Gone!

I wake this morning and all my ISA stocks have disappeared. I had £20,000 invest and it’s all gone. I have £2.49 cash left in my account. Does anyone else have this issue?! Can someone clear up why this has happened please? Can this please be fixed, it’s made me feel very uncomfortable with having my money invested with Freetrade.


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Both my ISA and basic account look fine, so looks like a very specific issue. Get onto in chat support, they are excellent.


Thanks, that’s what I did first. I just wanted to know if anyone else had the same issue. It’s really worrying that an error like this could occur😔.


Same issue for me in a basic account. Has been like this since yesterday evening. Reached out through the chat but no resolution thus far. Also means we can’t buy nor sell.

you won’t be able to buy/sell until Monday (us) or Tuesday (uk) anyway as far as I know. I think support is active over Easter though so hopefully you hear something soon :pray:

Sorry this is not showing for you. :cry:

I’ll send you a DM now to get a few more details.

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Sorry you are having this issue as well. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ll send you a DM.

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Hi, Dan from the Brokerage Operations team here. We have identified the cause of the issue and the affected customers. We are currently putting a fix in and will be sending an in app message to those affected shortly. The issue affects some customers who received a new stock yesterday resulting from a corporate action. We are currently receiving an error in pricing data from our provider for the new instrument, which is causing display issues in app.