Hey guys, something really annoying happened my freetrade isa account ,my remaining amount that I could deposit for the year was at £464. So I deposited that exact amount and money didn’t deposit. I gave it a day knowing depositing money can sometimes take a while. Anyway today still nothing,so I messaged freetrade about this problem and apparently the £464 I deposited was over my isa limit!!! So either the amount on my isa was wrong or the guys on the other end are wrong. Anyway it’s gonna take (2 days) to sort out which is very annoying. So just be aware that the amount you can deposit in your isa may not be correct or a glitch in the system. Anyone else have this problem??

Firstly congratulations on maxing your ISA!

Second Thanks for highlighting this! Only wish it was an issue I was having in a weird way!


Wow congrats that you maxed out the ISA! But yea that’s a real concern that what the app is displaying is not correct? Would lead me to question if my actual funds are correctly being recorded from purchases, sales and dividends?


I agree with this, something must not be correct?

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@Emina1 My limit, and remaining amount seem to be correct, but I’ve always deposited in round £500s so easy to check. Will be maxing out before end of March so will let you know if I hit a similar issue.

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Maxing our the ISA :clap:t3: Looking forward to another update video to see your pickings and thought process behind them :ok_hand:t3:


Hey @Emina1 - sorry for the delayed response.

We checked this out with the team, and it looks like it was to do with the value rounding up to the nearest pound, so in fact, you had slightly less than £464 to invest and the £464 top-up took you over the limit.

Hope it’s all sorted now. We’ll look to improve this in future.

We wish your 2019/20 ISA all the very best for the future! :moneybag: