A poor experience and a simple fix - Freetrade has to do better

Have been really disappointed in my experience of Freetrade and their customer support / processes in the past couple of days.

On Friday, i checked my ISA account to see how much of my allowance for this tax year i had left to use. I then used that figure and topped up in the normal way by bank transfer on Friday afternoon, fully expecting the funds to credit in my ISA within an hour or so like usual.

Noticing on Saturday, that the funds still were not there, i messaged to ask why not.

The customer service agent replied saying the top up i had sent exceeded my ISA allowance by 11p and therefore the agent asked if i wanted to send the excess 11p to my basic account. I thanked them for explaining and said i was happy with that. I was then told that they would pass this request to the Operations team who would then process this within 1 or 2 days. Having then replied to the customer service agent to say that wasnt good enough and i wanted to complain (this was ignored).

So now, it’s looking like it’ll be Wednesday at the earliest for my funds to actually reach my ISA i guess? All because Freetrade’s app wrongly rounds the remaining ISA allowance figure upwards to the nearest whole £.

What’s most annoying though, is frequently Freetrade ignore customer messages, or dont respond. Sometimes it is weeks later you get a reply for something. Also, why are they currently holding on to my money unnecessarily?

From looking at the forum, it actually feels like the best way to get Freetrade to address something you’re not happy about is to whinge about it on here. So here it is…

@Viktor @adam

Hi Pedro :wave:

Sorry to hear about the poor experience you’ve had, and thanks for the feedback on this!

Would you mind sending me a DM with your email address so I can chase this up for you?

Thanks Shanice, i have emailed you.

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