Where has the rest of my money gone?

So i’m a first time investor, i just opened a ISA and deposited £2000 into NASDAQ 100 (EQGB) on the buy order screen it said my total cost was £1800 stamp duty and commission was £0, yet all my money i deposited into freetrade has gone, so what happened to the other £200? i was expecting to see this still in my account ready to buy something else.

When i click on ‘account’ section it shows i only have £18,000 left to invest into my isa this year so it’s defiantly taken the £2000 what am i not understanding here??

Try force close the app and reopen it.
Ensure you have your ISA account selected before tapping the “Account” tab at the bottom.

I tired that. When i re open and go to account it says
‘total cash: 2000’
‘reserved cash: 2000’
When i click on reserved cash and then select ‘queued buy orders’ it shows: ‘nasdaq 100, number of shares 6, total est cost £1800’ says order will process from 10:00 tomorrow.

I tried buying somthing else with what should be remaining £200 and it says i have nothing left in my account to spend?

You’ve set up a market order for the full amount. When markets open on monday it will buy the £1800 worth or whatever it will be at that time and return the remainder to your account then. The extra amount is reserved until the order fills



I assume you placed the buy order today?
If so, Freetrade will schedule the buy order to execute on Monday at some point after the market opens.

At that point, they will buy as many shares as they can with the £2000 at the prevailing price and any remaining money will be placed back into your account.

You should see the pending order on your main account screen.

If you want you can cancel your buy order and just execute it again when the market opens and you will immediately have access to the remaining money as the trade should execute immediately.


Ah thanks allot guys! i didn’t realise this is how it worked! thanks!


Hey @WEEZYPEANUT do you think you’d be able share your user number here —> How many users now? - #3244

Lots of us FT nerds :eyeglasses: are tracking new user signups and your number has no other uses. You’ll get loads of pointless internet :heart: too!!


I still haven’t done this and don’t know where to find it?

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How many users now? - Freetrade Chat :fire: - Freetrade Community

Oh no I meant I don’t no how to find my user number.

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Click the profile icon in the top right of your profile page and it show under your name


Even if i click my icon and go to summary there’s no number shown at all. not sure if it’s because if on mobile?

I’m on mobile hopefully you never made the same mistake I was making it’s not your profile on this freetrade chat it’s you’re profile where your shares are stored.

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Hi @WEEZYPEANUT its in the FT app, it doesn’t show it on the forum for some reason.

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