Balance money missing


I topped up £200.- and purchased approx worth of £130.- and the balance is showing only £20.- . Could you please check and let me know .
Many thanks

Hello and welcome!

Unfortunately this isn’t the right place for that - your community account is not linked to your Freetrade account. You’ll need to message in-app and wait for a reply.

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Has the value of what you bought decreased?

No it hasn’t


What do you see in your Activity?

Just your £200 top up and the £130 purchase, or something else which might have affected your balance?

Yes. Just the top up and the purchase.

May seem a daft question but will ask it anyway. Was your purchase of shares in USD or GBP? Could it be the FX difference? And also are any of your shares on basic order rather than instant? If that’s the case the money may not show, but the shares will appear on Monday when UK stocks start trading again or Tuesday if US stocks (due to federal holiday).