Total individual holding is less than total on top


I am new so not sure about this but if I try to add up all of my individual holding it total to less than the amount on the top? Is the selling cost included in the total number on top or something similar?


Are you including your cash balance too?

No, the total is less than the adding up the breakdown too

Why not post a screenshot?

is it a lot less, or just a few pounds/pennies. It could be that prices changed while you were adding? (the total at the top sometimes updates a little later than the individual holdings)

It is not penny, about 10-15 difference

I have the same issue and O have emailed them about this just now at

I’ve topped up with extra shares and my dashboard doesn’t reflect this even though the transaction went through.

I didnt even do any transaction since yesterday, recognised it yesterday and keep checking but difference is still there.

Strange thing is my holding is mostly in US and it has been dropping since morning even when market not yet open… strange

that will be because GBP is rising against the dollar

Yeah actually you are right on that to explain move since morning! But still have the sum value difference

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