Freetrade free shares on sign up

Hi guys,

Hoping some of you here might be able to help, as it seems the Freetrade support is non existent at the moment. I created an account using someones free share link on Monday. In the “Top up to get a free share” section, I have completed US tax exemption information and now its stuck on “Top up & wait for your money”. However, I have topped up already and bought shares. In fact, I have topped up 3 times now and the process is still telling me to “Top up and wait for your money”

I have started a chat with support, which told me “they would be back in 30 minutes” (that was on Monday morning). I have also sent an email to hello@ … but still nothing from them.

Is this common in the app, for the free shares not to work?

The free shares are issued weekly, I can’t recall the exact day. Also note, they will appear in your GIA - don’t look for them in your ISA or SIPP if you have those.

So this is normal, the last items on the screen do not get crossed out?

I’m afraid I’ve not seen that screen so I can’t comment, but I would expect your free share to appear some time this week.

Ok, I will wait it out. Thanks for your help.

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I have this under my shares (as referee). When I click it, it says ‘You’ve earned a mystery share. We’ll reveal it in 7-10 days!’

A LOT of people have reported this not showing up immediately, and support should get back to you within 7-10 hopefully so it should get sorted.