"Top up & wait"


I signed up via a link yesterday and went through the steps to receive my free share.

I’ve declared my US exemption and the next step is to “top up and wait for your money”…I’ve topped up twice now and it still hasn’t progressed?

Does anyone have any ideas?

How many days has it been?
Currently there is a huge back log in customer support queries and therefore deposits are also taking a lot longer than usual. Judging from other topics people are waiting for about a week. I’ve been with Freetrade for nearly 2 years and the deposits are usually deposited quite quickly but the number of new users has caught their operations off guard. Once you receive the funds the free share is usually processed in the following week

I deposited last night and it went through today when the banks opened, then again a few hours ago to try and trigger it.
I guess I’ll just wait!

Thanks for the reply.

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