Delayed account top-ups

Today the US stocks are available to everybody and I cannot make any investments because the funds I transferred last Friday are still not available in my Freetrade account. Big disappointment! :disappointed:

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Did you remember to use your reference code? That caught me out at first. You would need to open a help chat so they could ensure the funds are associated correctly to your account.

If you converted to the ISA your reference changed. Totally forgot that the other day myself. A quick chat and all was sorted.

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@Andrewpclark and @Chris I used the right reference number and this is not my first money transfer. It is just some delays happening today according to customer support, which is a shame considering this is the first day the US stocks are available. I hope they solve it quickly.

I was in the same situation yesterday, but it’s now come through. It also meant I didn’t invest in Nvidia… so every cloud.


Lucky you! I’m still waiting for my money to be available on my account. Customer Support says it is a know issue that should be fixed today. Very disappointing!

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Sorry to hear that @boherna, and apologies for rubbing it in. Not on purpose.

Yeah, I have to chase nearly every time. I understand freetrade is not a bank but they should probably hire someone to manage this exclusively because it’s going to be a real problem for lots and lots of less-forgiving users when the numbers ramp up.

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I also have this issue - tried to make a deposit and hasn’t come through to my account even though I received a notification to say it had. First I was told it would take a few hours (which was yesterday) but they obviously knew of the issue by that time and that it would take longer. Still waiting now…The deposit mechanism is a bit cumbersome

Just to share a quick update - we’ve identified the cause of the issue which has delayed user’s deposits from Friday & yesterday. We’ve been working with our partner to get this fixed & have now processed some of the deposits. But there are some outstanding, which took longer to deal with than we anticipated.

We’re very sorry about the delays. I’ll keep you updated.


Pretty frustrating. One of the biggest earnings weeks in the US and I can’t get money into my account :frowning:

All of the affected user’s deposits have been processed now. Thank you all for your patience while we got this sorted :pray:


Great. Well done. Thanks!

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My account still hasn’t been topped up. Missing £1150.

Ok that’s probably due to something else, could you please drop us a message via the live-chat so that we can look into this for you?

Ok,the money has magically appeared now.


Both my recent topups took longer than expected to come in. But maybe I have the wrong expectation. What are Freetrade aiming at?

Also, the money is in my total, but the transfer doesn’t show in my activity feed yet. A bug?

We aim to process top-ups in 2-4 hours, between 7am-4pm, Mon-Fri, there’s more details here.

Please contact our support team via the in-app chat about your pending transfer & they’ll check on that.

Hmm, I sent money in the early am yesterday and I think it only arrived today (but no notification).

Do you have notifications switched on on your device? I have had that problem originally but once I enabled them, I get push notifications flawlessly.

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