Didn't receive any free shares

Recommended to 3 friends a week ago. They all signed up from my link and started to invest. None of us got a free share.
Can i get some help? Thanks

Did they fill out the w - 8ben forms?

Hello. Yes they have because they all bought shares from US.

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Just found this on the forum, hope this helps

I signed up using my friend’s link, when will I get my free share?

If you and your friend have both funded your account with at least £1, you’ll both be eligible for a free share. We reveal your free share every Wednesday from 3 PM, but at the moment this will be spread over various days and weeks due to the very high number of them. Please wait at least 14 days before asking about your free share. Thank you!

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Ok thanks. Gonna wait some more :+1:

Ok so it’s been 23 days now and none of us recieved anything.
Also, i sold some shares on friday morning, it’s Wednesday now and i still didn’t recieve the money in my portfolio. Starting to get really annoyed by this app…

Do you mean you can’t withdraw the money, or that it’s not there at all?

I don’t want to withdraw. Just reinvest it. But it didn’t return in my Freetrade account after i sold the shares.

But its been 3 full working days since i sold those shares and still didn’t get the money back. I don’t want to withdraw that to my bank account but reinvest in something else

Can you post a photo of the sale contract to show the trade has executed? It seems odd it’s not showing in your account if the trade has executed.

OK so we can see the trade has been executed - and was it sold in an ISA or a GIA? And are you sure you’re checking in the right account to see the balance? (Just checking simple things first!)

It’s a GIA and yes I’m sure, it’s the only one i have. I bought the shares (the money left), then after a few minutes i changed my mind and i sold them all but the money didnt came back