2 referal not received any free shares

Hi guys,

I’ve been enjoying the app and decided to invite two of my friends. However, after they followed a link that I sent them they are not appearing on my list of referals.

Please help as this is a 2nd time this happens.

Kind regards


Hi igor,

To recieve the free share your friend must fund their account and fill out their W-8BEN form


They funded their account and already purchased the shares as well.

So not sure what else needs to be completed? Have you got a link to the form?

Many thanks

Just checked with them both and they confirmed that all of this was filled in when registering.

So both form plus deposit and even share purchased.

I’ve messaged Damon so hopefully will help out.

I had the same as this from Sunday. Let me know if it gets resolved!

Freeshares are usually issued a week or so after sign up if it’s been that amount of time I may just be the very high volume of sign ups this week causing a delay

Freetrade has staggered the release! Usually Wednesday, but they are happening; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week because of the volume of people that signed up, hope this helps :slight_smile:

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@Igorovich @Maarten I’ve DM’d you both :pray:

This been resolved by Damon @Maarten.

I hope it was resolved for you as well. Great customer support!

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Yes it has, thanks! Awesome response time. :slight_smile: