Issue with referrals

I started with Freetrade a few days ago, and signed up a few others via my referral link on the first day. These all went through without a hitch, and showed in my account.

However everyone over the following 2 days I have signed up haven’t appeared in my account, either saying they’ve used the link or that they’ve completed the steps to earn the free share.

Is there some problem with the referral system at the moment? Or is there a problem with my account.

I’ve lost a fair few people over the last couple of days due to this, obviously not ideal.


They’d need to fund the account and fill out W-8BEN as well.

Everything has been done correctly, they have deposited and filled out W-8BEN, I have checked first hand.

Even if they hadn’t, they should be showing in my app as having used the link, but they aren’t showing at all - not as having used the link or having activated their free share.

Did you perhaps already receive the free share but looking at your ISA account? Free shares go into the GIA account.

Nope, I do not have an ISA only the GIA account.

But the point still remains that in the free referrals menu it’s not even showing that anyone has clicked my link, even though I watched them do it.

There are 3 completed referrals in that menu that I can see, these were all from the first day. But I should have at least another 10 from day 2 and 3, but it’s not showing that they’ve even clicked the link, let alone completed the steps for the free share.


Have you messaged the team in the app? No one on here is going to be able to tell you if you’re account has an issue, and if when FT respond on here they’ll tell you to contact them in app or email them.

Also - the last 2 days being Friday and Saturday, you can probably assume that the top ups may not have been processed yet, and by mid Monday you’ll probably have all your referrals.


I have contacted them and have been waiting for a reply, wasn’t sure if asking here would also have been beneficial.

I have had the same problem, I think there’s just been no one around to answer until Monday.

As an update, still no contact today or any changes with the referrals, so I assume the issue wasn’t that it was the weekend.

Same here. A friend joined with my link, topped up, filled in the form etc. No free share for either of us!

Free shares are usually revealed every Wednesday so that would explain why you haven’t received yet


As much as that could very well be the case as far as the shares are concerned, I would have thought the app would still tell you when someone uses your link to download the app, even if they haven’t completed any other steps yet (as mine did at first.)

Hopefully it’s that reason makes me feel more optimistic that the new magic links aren’t faulty.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues @Lambo91. If you could reply to my separate DM with more information we can look into this for you. Similarly for @Upertink and @Exotic - I’ve messaged you both too.

On your point about missing in-app tracking for referrals who have clicked your link; just to confirm, they will need to install the app and enter their email in order to be attributed.

Hope to hear from you all soon and thanks for your patience!

I can confirm that the new links are not faulty - used mine on Friday, free share now queued - hoping for a good one to be revealed tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

Would you happen to have a recent user number from one or a few of these referrals? There is a thread where a number of us enjoy tracking the progress and would certainly appreciate your input right about now. Last update was 7 days ago and we need our fix! :crazy_face:


I’ll find out!! :+1: