Two referred clients no free share linked

HI there, I am on iOS and have tried app chat support, Facebook messaged and now Twitter…no reply

I have referred all my clients and friends to this app and free share offer for them and me,

But two of my referrals have no free share for them and I do not have my free share for the Referal…

I send though WhatsApp the link and they say they are all set but it doesn’t show their free share or mine,

I have others worked, but they seem to be via email…

Can you help please I can supply their info and mine but support is not getting back to me…

I have referred all my clients to this too so I want to make sure the offer works ok and it isn’t at the moment :frowning:


They have to fund their account and fill in the W-8BEN form in order for the free share to be made available to you both. Are you sure that they have?

@blueskycreative I’ve DM’d you for more information so that we can look into this.


I have a similar query. One person has had their free share but I didn’t get my free share when referring them.

Same problem. Referred a friend for about 3weeks now, my friend and I haven’t received free shares. Left message twice on chat, no response. My friend also contact as per instruction, no response.

I had to refer Trade 212 to another friend today instead.

They’re not accepting new users at the moment. Probably worth messaging Damon above.