I have referred a friend and I did not receive any free shares nor him


I have sent 2 referrals to my friends, both of them completed the registeration and the W-8BEN form and made a deposit. So, it worked with one friend and both of us got our free shares. However, with the last friend neither he nor I received a freeshare till now.
He also made a deposit of 5 pounds and bought something to try the app, but still he did not get the freeshare, what went wrong ??

I need some help


Hi @najeb3

Youโ€™re best bet is to email freeshare@freetrade.io with user names / numbers / emails and they sort it out for you.

:ok_hand:t2: good luck


I referred my wife as a new account holder and the link she received would not work. I contacted the support team today and they were excellent in helping to sort things out for us and we both got our free shares.


I have sent to the email last Monday, but they did not get back to me. How long normally they take to get back? I think 5-7 working days, right?

Normally quicker than that. How odd - Iโ€™ll DM a few people and see if can get sorted for you.

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That is great to hear!
I am sure it will get sorted out with me too.

The free shares should show up at the bottom in the app but they donโ€™t actually get revealed until Wednesdays I think.

My 2nd friend is not even shown at the bottom like the first one who was shown normally.

Hey @najeb3 :wave: if you DM me your email address I can look into this for you.

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