Friend used referral link

My friend used my referral link and he didn’t come up in my “referral” section of my account. He has then deposited some money into his account and neither of us have received our free stock. We find this rather weird. I understand these things take time but it is a little weird how he hasn’t even come up on my screen.

The email in the above picture is not the Friend I am on about. Has anyone else has this problem?

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Has your friend filled out the W8-BEN?

I referred a friend, topped up and W8-Ben on Friday and haven’t got a share yet

Free shares are revealed once a week I believe, usually a Wednesday.

It can take up to 7-10days to process.

Hey @Gsuff - I’ve DM’d you to get a few more details. :slight_smile:

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Same issue for me.

Same issue for me as well. I joined, filled in the W-8BEN, topped up and invested on the 13th.

Not sure if this issue is still on going. But I also had the same issue. I referred a friend they filled in the W-8BEN and topped up but my account still says there waiting to top up and neither of us received anything yet.

I never even got any acknowledgment of my referral happening. I just gave up on the free share eventually.

Hi @Ryan2 welcome to the forum.

This is probably something to fire an email to the team about

Give them as much info as you have because this system normally works well - we don’t hear of it going wrong very often.

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Hey @lizmcp

If you send an email to someone will be able to look into this for you.