Is the free share referral process working?

I have never received my free share for the referral although the other party has topped up and bought shares and other people I know have found the same thing both as referrers and referred. It never goes beyond the other party having used the invite. Also the chatbot just shuts down any attempt to ask anyone about it. Why offer something you have no intention of delivering? If I am asked to wait, how can it possibly take this long? Its been at least a fortnight now.


People are so quick to use the work con or scam. Why not read all the other messages on here about free share referrals first?

All the information is here Free Share


@shanice might be able to help you :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

I’ve had 29 share referrals, and got 29 shares, so I can honestly say it’s not a con.


Hi :wave:

Sorry to hear this is the case, it sounds like something isn’t working quite right here.

Please email us at and our team can check this out!


Several reasons I posted as I did:

  1. It gets attention
  2. I could not get past the chatbot which felt like a classic block tactic
  3. If it’s offered to me, then just give it to me. I don’t want to spend ages finding out why I have not received it. It makes me look foolish when the people I have referred keep asking me what’s happening.
  4. I am not the only one to whom this is happening.

If that makes you unhappy then too bad. The process needs improving.


I’ve always had my free shares and so have all of the people I referred.

Just like everything else in FT it works 99% of the time.

We have 640k users many of which are from referrals. How many threads on this?

As someone who has invested you should clearly have more faith in your company rather than a trolling title like that.


agree especially with point 2.

But it’s definitely not a con you will get it, sometimes things can go wrong.

I referred 3 people in a short time frame, all 3 did the same registration process. I only got 2 shares.

After contacting the support, i got the 3rd share, had to wait an extra 10 days but got it no problems.

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Maybe the emails and the chat service wouldn’t be in high demand if the processes worked right.
As for trusting companies because I put some some money into them, you must be having a laugh! I don’t trust anyone that much. Investing is always a gamble in which you need to be wary. Ask people who had great trust in Wirecard or Neil Woodford.
By the way I didn’t say it WAS a con, I asked IF it was a con. If the answer is no, that’s great. Maybe some people need to improve their reading comprehension skills.

“People are so quick to use the work con or scam”
“I can honestly say it’s not a con”
“But it’s definitely not a con”

Ummm, no-one on this thread was saying you said it was a con, their mentions of the word con were in answer to the question in the original title of the thread.

But you never know, maybe some people do need to improve their reading comprehension skills :slightly_smiling_face:

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It says people are quick to use the word ‘con’. Which by inference ( an important part of reading comprehension) implies I used the word con as an accusation not as a question.

On another point, who does not see that there is a need to be asking questions of companies which deal with people’s finances? The atmosphere of this forum does not seem to be indicative of a balanced view as much as disciples to a cause. It is very reminiscent of another fintech forum. Oh dear!
Anyway, I will now see what happens with my email to the helpdesk. To those who just gave me a straight answer that they had received their shares, thank you. I shall say no more on the matter here.

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Is poster xyz a dirty horrible thieving such and such?

Not saying they are. Just a question.

You would hate it if I described you like that. You know what you are doing. Deliberately creating distrust and misinformation to get a reaction.

FT is my company. Don’t spread dirty words over it.

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Ever heard of a loaded question.

It’s obviously fine to complain, there are loads of things they need to improve on.

Hey everyone,

I amended Shanice’s reply as we just set up a dedicated support channel for free shares at Things are moving fast at Freetrade as usual.

In the recent weeks, we deprioritised supporting free shares as the last piece of effort to get the backlog to virtually zero has been going on. We’re supporting free shares questions again.

Keep an eye on the automatic reply if you email that support address to see what turnaround times we are looking at.


If one ask a question it’s nice to just answer and direct them to the right place
That’s it

Being a newbie I have had to ask questions and have received very good responses from many but at times a few ppl just knock our confidence back
I would suggest ppl like that form their own professional forum and go there
We all come from various background with different level of education etc.
One thing we all have in common here is investing on ft
If some ppl feel they too big in this place then maybe ft must do something about it
Sorry but that’s how I feel when I read certain sacarstic remarks

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You are right :+1: but never let it bother you!! To be fair that is the nature of message boards and TBH I do understand some impatience that is shown as there are a fair few trolls etc.

All I would say is the vast majority have certainly helped me even when I said something STUPID and that is the only thing I let myself remember and take away from what is a very good community in general :+1:

Also, sometimes people say things and they come across very differently from what they mean. As you say many different people of different education and backgrounds etc. I have friends who sound very abrupt and rude sometimes but they don’t mean it or realise.

It’s so sad

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I sometimes come across like that :flushed::crazy_face:
Awareness is Power :pray::pray:

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