Two referrals and no free share

Hi there,

I referred two friends my referral link via a messaging app, they both signed up and deposited funds to their own.

I’ve not received free shares and neither have they. It’s been over a week and nothing is queued.


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In the app, on the GIA (General investment account) does it show a queued free share?

It can take I believe up to 10 days to reveal the share?

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No, nothing in both GIA and ISA.

Just below the graph does it say:

“Your friend has signed up” or similar in a pink box, if there is a pink box with refer your friends it should show your referrals and you can click on each friend to see the status of it.

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Thanks. Yeah literally neither of us can see this here.

They both 100% clicked my referral link so something has broken along the way.

If you click on the little icon on the top right (android I assume same for ios) to go to your account you should see the refer your friend button which should also show if any has used your referral.

If this is not showing up then something has gone wrong like you say, you may have to send a message in app, but they’re quite busy right now so not sure how quickly they’d respond to you.

May be useful to provide them as much info as you can, i.e. name of your friends that signed up and their user id, I personally don’t know what info they need but can imagine that’s a good way for them to verify.

Thanks @mj-investor you’ve been great!

Unfortunately Android must be a bit different but the refer your friend button is somewhere else which I did click on and nothing showed.

Would send freetrade a message, but they’ve not even replied to something else from a fortnight ago. So fingers crossed they see this here!

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When did the referrals take place - as it is 7-10 days for the share so if the referral was this week then it could easily be queued for next week.

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Hi Pnxology,

I am facing the same issue. Thank you for starting this thread.

I sent a message in the in-app chat, which was seen and not replied to or acknowledged in anyway.

The topic should remain open for accountability and transparency.

Hopefully we are able to get resolution!

They signed up on the 3rd. Would’ve thought both of us would see something queued by now, before the share reveal.

Did all parties not only deposit funds but also invest them?
I got at a free share yesterday for a successful referral on 01/02/21. Might just need to be patient

Before the huge influx of new users this was an occasional issue mentioned on the forum, but back then support could easily sort it in a day or two. If you don’t mind waiting they’ll get back to you.

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I also referred a friend, they signed up and deposited money. However both of us got nothing. I’ll wait a week hopefully we get it…

Hi. New user based in UK that signed up through a referral code from a YouTuber. Signed up, deposited money and then bought a share in a US stock company. So I should be registered. Though I do not see a stock pending at all. Nor is there an option to chat through the app. It just takes me here or to a site called intercom. Any help appreciated.

Sounds like a similar situation to me.

The whole free share thing is an incentive to deposit funds right away and invest.

I told my friends to get the app, deposit and invest to get a free share and neither of us have… so I’m looking quite stupid and/or a liar.


haha same for me, I pestered my friend for days to sign up, now they registered and got nothing, it does make us look stupid.

On the referral page it says nothing about the timeframe or any additional conditions, someone should really look into this ASAP

Adding to this, I followed a referral link from Reddit on the 29th of Jan (funded and invested same day) but no free share showing even as pending. Messaged on the app 2 day ago an no response at all.

Sometimes the link gets broken. My friend just messaged in app and copied the link into there, when they get chance they will add the free share to your account. Dont worry it will be sorted eventually FT are very good. Just very busy at the moment!

Only fair that I follow up on this, they got back to me this morning asking for the link, I provided this and the free share is now showing queued in my account.

Are they listed on the referral page? Please see below.