Free share?

Hi guys, I’m knew here so sorry if this is obvious. I signed up with a friends referral, and I assumed when I had set up my account and topped up, I would get my mystery free share. I’ve put in £250 and invested, but nothing has appeared and I also don’t have the option to send an invite either. Do I need to wait for this to happen? I just get a window on my portfolio I’ve saying “one more step” and saying I need to top up, which I’ve already done

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You also need to fill out the W8-BEN I think. The free share drops once a week on a Thursday so check tomorrow. Also, check in your GIA as that where the share will land even if you opened an ISA.


I’m sure I did that right at the start. Possibly just need to be patient, but my friend got a notification to say he had received his mystery share, which made me wonder why I hadn’t yet.

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