Where are my free shares hidden?

Apologies in advance if this isn’t the right place - usual noob stuff.

So I referred about 15 people to the app and had the free shares ‘queued’. Today I got firework graphics, 6 times, saying I got my free shares.

But they’re not in my portfolio, I can only see what I’ve bought there.

Is it just a question of waiting?


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If you have an isa open, check your gia :wink:

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I wish I had 15 friends keen to use Freetrade :laughing:

As to your question, I’m not sure but I imagine the circuit breaks & outage with the US market provider could of played an issue. I’d recommend messaging support in the app. However, due to the huge influx of new customers, you might have to be patient waiting for a reply



For anyone with the same issue…

I went to my GIA - and they just turned up in ‘ACTIVITY’

Did pretty well too - and there’s another load queued up. Nice.

Thanks for the help.


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