Stock not showing in Portfolio

Okay, so far I have tried emailing my original contact on Freetrade but had no response, then I found Freetrade on Twitter and asked the same question but they eventually came back and said they couldn’t discuss personal questions via dm so they sent me to the correct email! Email helpline acknowleged my request and hope to reply within 3 days! They also pointed me here - so please, if any of you have a clue what’s going on please help!

Okay, so I have purchased a number of stocks in various funds/companies all of which went through no problem and money taken out etc. But only one of my purchases shows up in my Portfolio (this was for Wise the last stock I purchased). In my activity tracker it shows Wise being purchased but before that it only shows statements for months which can be downloaded. I did download the statements for June and July but they are both blank!!!

If I needed to sell stock obviously I could not - this is unacceptable as is a 3 day delay till the help team starts to look at it. We are looking at many thousands of pounds investments having disappeared,

Does anyone have any idea of how to solve this?


Just a thought - do you have an ISA along with GIA? If yes, have you checked both these accounts?

I accidentally purchased shares in my GIA once and panicked as I couldn’t see them in my ISA.

That’s a very good point and I did indeed open an ISA at the same time BUT that GIA box that is in your screenshot does not appear anywhere in my app on the phone! Looking between all the screens on my app Activity just shows 2 statements (May and June) both of which I uploaded and are blank. 15 July a top up of £1 (just testing the app) then again on 15 July top up of 2,499 followed by the purchase of Wise shares on 16 Jul. So the only proof I have of any money in Freetrade amounts to £2,500 which is many thousands short! I really appreciate the help cos I am getting a bit “anxious” now!

Just for info I just deleted the app and reloaded it from the play store then restarted my phone - exactly the same result!

Wonder if that is an Android bug - because as I understand it, everyone should have a GIA on Freetrade.

For me (albeit on iPhone) the drop down is underneath the Portfolio headline in the Portfolio tab.

The other thing to check is whether you have two Freetrade logins, somehow, and you topped up and purchased in the other account. But the lack of a GIA/ISA dropbox does make it sound like an application bug.

I’d have high confidence that Freetrade are not going to disappear your money. Good luck!

On a previous WISE thread in a post 19 days ago you stated you had made ‘your first purchase of stocks’. I think you need Freetrade to investigate - too much missing information here.

Thanks guys, the lack of the GIA box is concerning but as I said I removed the app from my phone completely and reloaded a fresh copy from the play store but after rebooting my phone it took me to exactly the same pages with the same info. All I see in Portfolio is a white screen with a green graph showing my Wise stock and right down the bottom it has Wise again and basically that’s it!

I have an old Android pad laying about somewhere so I’ll see if I can find it and load it up with the app.