Free share problems

Hi, referred by son, he’s received a free share and i got notification of mine… however it’s not showing on my portfolio!? Anyone else had the same/ got a fix??

Do you have an ISA or just a GIA?

If both make sure you are checking your GIA…

Thanks for your reply. Just an ISA …

Free shares can only be put in your GIA.

Cheers, so if I start a GIA, the free share will turn up there?

I believe so, yes. You can always sell the share once it turns up.

I’ll give it a go, thanks so much

I’m not entirely sure, but I think the GIA is set by default

Hi Ste101!
That’s right, every Freetrade account has a GIA, so your free share should pop up in there.

There is a little orange drop-down menu under the heading for your portfolio which will allow you to switch accounts.

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Thank you, got it!

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