Sell Button Inactive for some US Stocks Today

Anyone else having this issue?

This could be losing people money.

The price is tracking okay, but you can’t click sell.

I’ve checked to make sure I have no limit orders or stops set, and I’ve cleared the cache.

I hold both Amazon and Visa and both are fine.

What stocks exactly?

AirSculpt (AIRS) was one, Rigetti (RGTI) was another. They’re magically acting normally now.

Thank God it’s a green day for US equities.

It unacceptable to have a financial app that isn’t reliable for the most basic of functions during an open market when we have thousands of pounds at stake

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Good it is working again…perhaps a technical issue with the broker link?

Can’t find anything that i can sell on both accounts and both UK and US listed.

Can or can’t?

Can’t. Unable to sell anything

Anyone else still having issues?

All ok at my end Tim on IOS, have you contacted support?

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Yep, waiting for an answer. But, only GIA now. Hopefully will be ok next time i login.

Same issue for me. My Android phone has a bunch of shares unable to sell but thankfully my tabletndoes.not have the same problem.

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Thats interesting.

Perhaps if you get a moment you could check app versions and Android versions on both…might help find the cause.

Tablet version 1.0.36777

Phone 1.0.36966

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Thanks for checking :+1:

My phone was running this version

I went on to app store and there was an option to update … now running 1.0.37122

Perhaps anyone having issues needs to make sure they visit the app store and have completed all the updates?

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Was running 1.036966, updated and on 1.0.27122 think its running fine now.

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Not sure if related but sometimes the buy button doesnt respond - have to force reload the app to get it going again (latest IOS)

This happens on every device ive used FT on.

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Like that joke …

Man goes to doctor…when i touch my knee its sore, when i touch my elbow its sore… when i touch my foot its sore.

Doctor…you have a sore finger :rofl:

Check your finger :rofl:

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So just an update. I contacted tech support and they were on the case in a flash.

They made some changes and asked me to remove the app and download it again (V 1.0.37122 - which I already had, but this does contain some changes).

It was then working really smoothly. So thanks to the Freetrade Team for such a quick response and fix. Very pleased with the level of support!

Anyone still having issues, it’s worth removing and reinstalling the app, even if you already have V 1.0.37122.

Edit: FYI, I’m on Android