Stock in Freetrade Plus vs. basic Freetrade

What is the criteria for a stock to only be available to plus members?

As far as I can tell it seems to include lots of newly hyped stocks.
It seems odd to restrict which stocks are available if you aren’t a plus member. Unless there is a reason such as it is more costly for freetrade to offer these specific stocks?

Any explanation much appreciated, thanks.


I personally think that allowing SPACs but not the FTSE Allshare to be available to all runs counter to the ethos of Plus but I suppose a line had to be drawn somewhere. I do think SPACs should be on the other side of the line though. Shades of the dotcom boom era in my opinion.

Plus stocks are generally the more thinly traded/less liquid/riskier/more alternative (pick your selection of adjectives) stocks.


See Freetrade Plus about 1/3 of the way down. Or this screenshot:


Hello all, been lurking here for a while, finally decided to post.

Pardon me if I’m missing something but FTSE AIM 100 stocks are shown as being included in the free section, however I’ve just typed in some of the first AIM listed stocks (from the HL website), i.e. AFX, ASY, APGM, and they are listed as only being available to Plus users. Are these incorrectly listed?

Many thanks!


@Viktor @sampoullain can you fix these these are AIM 100 index shares

It’s not the only issue, FTSE 100 + 250 Quarterly Rebalance - Affects on Basic accounts [Completed] - #2 by Eden

Good find @Lee3, you’re correct these should be in the free category. I expect maybe there’s a bug or two in the system to flesh out.

edit: I mentioned this to them in app, they’ve passed it on to the team that manages this


There are some more, tried a few more up to ‘C’ alphabetically, at least another 3 only available to plus accounts. Possibly more further down the AIM100 list?!

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Are these also listed as plus to you? (shouldn’t be, but i initially thought they may be)


For reference, the spreadsheet seems to be accurate against whats in the app Freetrade Investment Universe - Google Sheets

But has the ones you listed under plus that are in the AIM 100.
List of the 100 London Stock Exchange | London Stock Exchange

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MIDW is listed as Plus, the other two are not.

AVCT, BMK, CHRT and CREO were others that I found listed as ‘Plus’ before my eyes went funny and I stopped Looking…

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Let me take a look at these and the others flagged below. We’re trying to keep the universes under review on a quarterly basis when most index rebalancings occur however with the AIM 100 the constituents change much more often.

Thanks for flagging this!


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@Lee3 and @Eden. Thanks for flagging these omissions. You are correct that a number of these are included in the AIM 100 and should, therefore, be in the “Free” universe.

I’ve now made these updates which will take a little while to populate in the app (although UK markets are closed today!).



Be interested to know from you guys or freetrade (sorry if I’ve missed this), is the decision on which stocks are plus or not set in stone? I don’t want to buy a stock now to be told it’s now plus in a few years. Just sold all my plus stocks as I wanted to buy in over the long term. Will eventually join plus just probably not in the short term. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Scroll up the thread

I can see the reasons a stock is plus or not but can’t see where it says if this will change or is permanent?

The rules are set (though could change in future) so AIM100 & FTSE350 will be in the free section, but individual shares can drop out of the index or be included as rebalancing occurs. For FTSE350 I think it’s quarterly that happens, unsure on AIM100.

So for example the market cap of Marks & Spencer falls so much it is no longer in the FTSE 350 and it would then fall into Plus

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Sorry, misread your question.
FT are aiming long term to add stocks from every exchange across the world. Perhaps they’re more likely to change what’s put in Plus when there’s more exotic stock exchanges added to replace for example all AIM stocks currently in Plus.

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What if i buy a stock in plus and dont renew the sub? What happens to my stocks then? Anyone know this is bugging me?

You continue to own it until you sell it but won’t be able to buy more of it. To buy more you’ll need to renew the sub

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Thank you ann :+1:

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