Freetrade Plus question

Simple question:

why are some companies only available on PLUS

Im looking at the biotech sector and it is a minefield. One company is only available on PLUS which makes me doubt it when others are available to everyone.

any further info on this would be great…


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It’s Freetrade’s monetisation strategy. Plus membership is available instead of commissions and percentages that other brokers charge.

The 350 largest public companies and the 100 largest on the AIM market are free to all. Inclusion in Plus doesn’t say anything about the company other than whether it’s on one of those lists.

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Hemogenyx is a 35m Mket Cap and available to all
while Scancell is a 95m mkt cap and only available on PLUS

Thanks for the replies

Scancell is on the AIM market outside of the AIM100.
I couldn’t find Hemogenyx on any of the FTSE indices so I’m not sure where it sits.

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Hi, new user here, I’m new to all share trading. If I join ‘plus’ are the trades done right away instead of 3pm the next working day?

Trades are executed straight away during trading hours on both plus and standard. They are only executed at 3pm if you queue a standard trade out of hours.


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