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Ahhh cool. I only noticed I had it free for life and that was the round I invested.

Just my two cents - I didn’t mind paying £1 for instant trades when I first started out, that seemed like I was paying for a premium service when I needed it.

Plus annoys the hell out of me, and like others said I will be moving at least partially over to 212. Which is a shame because I like Freetrade.

I don’t mind paying for ‘premium’ features, but having some stocks locked behind a paywall I find extremely irritating.


I feel they got the pricing wrong with the plus service. I’d love to see FT being transparent and giving us numbers on how many users are currently paying them £9.99 a month

I would definitely pay £5.99 to add on wouldn’t it be a better business model to have more people opt in at this price point rather having just a handful

£5.99 forever or an increase in price later on?

Do you currently pay for an ISA with Freetrade? If so, Plus is only £7 extra per month.
Also I don’t see why the FT team would start producing numbers to an online forum? I’d hope they’re busy with other matters…

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It’s not like they’d have to do a truck load of work to publish the information. They would surely have an analytics tool which can give them the info at the click of a button

However, I agree they don’t need to publish this data but if it’s not working (atleast from the votes I think it’s not) as a startup you’d be better of pivoting early

Not sure, but would be a good starting point

Although the vast majority from the votes say they won’t use plus, 20% isn’t that bad is it? What is a good conversion for a company with similar business model that is successful? Overtime this percentage will go up as people have more money in their accounts. I must say reading this community forum is getting a bit dull with all the complaints!


I don’t think it’s wise to make that information publicly available unless you really have to (like for crowdfunding and stat accounts), otherwise you’re just I’m giving your competition valuable data.
Also wanted to add on Plus - this forum cannot fully represent the views of all 280k users.

They have no plan to increase the price and don’t want to end up in a scenario of changing prices later on.

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There have been just 1.9k active users in the last 30 days. The community represents and vocal minority.

A lot of that minority is biased, demanding, impatient, and overly critical due to being Freetrade investors, or at least engaged, experienced investors in general.

Freetrade have access to a lot more metrics and data than we do. Sometimes it would be nice if they justified their decisions by saying thay, but also they shouldn’t really have to.


Very well said.

What’s the difference between a user and an active user? How is a user a subset of active users? Or am I reading this wrong

Users is new community sign ups (note, thats not new Freetrade users). Active users is how many users (new and old) have posted, liked a post, etc.

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I am not planning of moving shares from freetrade. i will be buying more of the stocks i have they are moving to the paid wall on other platforms

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Also interested in buying your shares at last round’s price if they’ve not gone already

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I don’t think
There is no free lunch
Even founding members are not getting it for free(I guess :thinking:)

In most rounds you could get it for free for life when investing a considerable amount.

I bought plus to get limit orders.

They also brought a system in where you get paid 3% interest on cash balance up to 4k on plus. In my case that will pay for my 7/monthy costs, as I have the ISA anyway. Probably net me around 35/year.


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