Plus Paywall Stocks Poll

I would love to hear people’s opinions on the matter both positive and negative welcome, just interested to see if this has changed peoples opinion about upgrading and whether it is currently worth doing so :grinning:

Those who currently own shares that are going to be behind the Plus paywall, are you going to upgrade to plus?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I am considering it.

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As matter of Fact, i will be buying of these stocks on other platform ,i.e Trading 212


i will consider both options

I assume most people will do this, at least until their portfolio size justifies the £120 annual fee.

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Out of interest what portfolio size do you think justifies the fee?

out of interest — what plus stocks are you buying?

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I have no plans of buying any freetrade plus stocks.
i will either sell my stocks that are moving to FT+ or i will buy more those stock at a different platform(i.e trading 212)


Just fair warning make sure to read the terms and conditions and ensure it’s acceptable risk

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Agreed. T212 is a great product but look at the details.

I wouldn’t put more than few grand with them.

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I think it’s slightly misleading basing it on a cost of £120.
An ISA would cost £36 on its own each year and so arguably Plus is only an additional £84.
I know some will argue they don’t have an ISA due to their portfolio size but I think it’s quite short sighted given how tax efficient they are and probably quite vulnerable to change in future when we have to pay for the impact of Covid.
The compounding interest impact on your portfolio over the longer term far outweighs £3 per month.


Not sure to be honest, a 0.05% fee sounds fair so £24K?

Can I ask why you would use another broker if you invested into Freetrade? Not a dig, just wondering.

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There is nothing wrong with investing in another platform
FT is not the all be all
I Like FT and what they do, hence why i have invested in them and will continue to do so but i love my wealth building path very much
i am not a slave to FT, so i can decide to use another platform and that does mean i dislike FT
Steve Gary Wozniak is a Co-founder of APPLE and investor in Apple but the man does use other computers, this does not make him an APPLE hater


I believe the fact they did this to be borderline criminal. I can understand having a paywall but to take something away from your Clients and even worse the clients who invested in your crowdfunding just shows the lack of forward thinking.

This is a money grab and I have already started moving fully over to Trading 212.
The funny thing is I am willing to pay the money for plus and was going to as soon as I found 3 actual equities that I wanted behind plus. At the moment I had 2 and by the 3rd it would have been worth it.

But the fact this has been done and without any real valid explanation shows me the kind of company they are and I will be willing to sell anyone my crowdcube shares for cheap


I will be moving my whole portfolio as it is not the money that matters it is the service and how they treat their clients. If this is how they treat you when you “matter” what does the future hold


borderline criminal

Have a word with yourself :laughing:

The funny thing is I am willing to pay the money

Yet you’re off to T212.


Would like to purchase your shares. Last round price


I’d rather stick with a trading platform that doesn’t loan my shares to option traders, will try to bait and switch me to CFDs and holds my money in oversea accounts so isnt fscs protected. Thanks


Make sure you carefully read and fully understand the terms and conditions and how that will affect your funds and assets. I’m no longer keeping funds there and have significantly reduced any stocks, I’ll leave it at that.

This isn’t really accurate. They could have perhaps communicated better but they did communicate it and explained why several times over the last few months.