Can I still open an ISA?


Been using the platform for quite a while now. The option to open a Freetrade Plus is there but no longer an option to open just a regular S&S ISA. Has this been removed? I would like to open one but not the full Freetrade Plus.

The in-app support/chat function also seems to have been deprecated?


Both should be available for you, this is how it looks for me.

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Hi Joe :wave:

This is usually indicative of you having previously had the ISA open with us and then closing it.

To re-open an ISA, this needs to be done via support at present. If you can DM me the email address you use for your Freetrade account, I’d be happy to look into this for you.

With regards to customer support, please check out my post from yesterday that explains the current situation in a little more detail: Customer Support Update

Thanks for bearing with us. :pray:


How do you dm on this I have the Same problem?

Click on Meghan’s picture above, her details will pop up including a button saying :email: Message

Thanks that should be it.

Can’t get a response from any support.