Hi Freetrade, I got a message just now saying my ISA will/is going to be closed. I have not asked for it to be closed, and infact just recently reopened it. I have open positions in there and definitely don’t want ot to be closed. Can you please urgently help my stocks and share ISA from being closed

@MeghanB26 Can you help me understand why you sent this message when I never asked for my ISA to be close??

So they think your ISA is empty but you are saying there are holdings :exploding_head:. I’d suggest replying to the message or opening a chat in app to sort this out. They won’t be able to service your account through this forum as they need your email address and other details

I’ve sent a message through to customer chat but no reply as of now. Her message also states I haven’t paid for the stocks and share ISA, however I’ve got a Freetrade Plus account which means I don’t need to so I don’t understand whats the problem.

Can you share a screenshot of your ISA and show us there are open positions? Obviously you can blur out any details you don’t want sharing.

It also says it has not been paid for so they would obviously close the ISA if the monthly fee is not paid.


Hi! Here’s my ISA’s portfolio

I have Free Trade Plus which states I get the ISA for free

I wouldn’t panic. You may have to wait till next week for a reply but it looks like your ISA is still open seeing as you can view your holdings

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It may be that the message is a bit slow arriving to you and was from when your ISA had £0 in it as the rules are “You don’t need thousands of pounds to open an ISA account. If you want to open a stocks and shares ISA with Freetrade, you can start from £2.”
As J4 said above if you can see the account then it seems open and sure they wont close now it has a balance and you have a Plus account.
I’d say it is related to the part you said about re-opening the account and the message may have been in the pipeline before you deposited.
Either way you can only wait for them to reply but if the account has been paid for non stop and there is a balance then sure it will be OK.

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