Closing ISA

I am trying to close my ISA account and have sold the bulk of my shares and transferred out, but I have a small number of shares that cannot be traded at the moment so I cannot sell them. Consequently I cannot seem to close my ISA. Has anyone else experienced this and how did you close the account?

This β€˜complex’ issue is best dealt with by contacting IMO They (support) should transfer to a GIA. Please ping support to move them for you.



Thanks I have tried to contact them today but had no response. I have emailed them, is that what you meant by ping?

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Hi @Alicia, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to help you resolve this.


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Yes, I apologise by β€˜Ping’ here i mean email. They may take their time to get to you :frowning_with_open_mouth: but you should have received an automatic response saying how long they will take. If you don’t get a response within that time frame please let us know.

I thought this had been resolved but you have started taking the ISA fee from my account again after agreeing not to. Does this mean you are now able to close the ISA I do not want?

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