ISA Transfer Out

Hey guys,

Happy to be joining the Freetrade community! I’ve filled out my isa transfer from and looking forward to my money arriving into my account.

I’m wondering if anybody has had experience doing an isa transfer out of Freetrade. Can you do share transfers (assuming the platform you’re transferring to supports those shares), or do you have to sell all the shares and rebuy? How long did it take for you to get cash transferred out of Freetrade.

I’m liking Freetrade so far, but don’t want to feel “locked in” so only going to deploy most of my funds after I know there’s a viable way out if the need arrises.

Thanks all!

I transferred from Halifax, just needed to settle fees on my account.

I transferred shares straight over but you have the choice to also send cash.

Took a few weeks in total

Freetrade doesn’t currently support share transfers for transfers to other providers so would have to be cash transfer. Source: In-app chat support.

You could probably have the sale executed as part of the transfer (rather than sell shares in advance of the transfer) since ISA transfer forms that I’ve seen always have an option to sell investments from the transfer-out platform as part of the transfer execution.

However, I’d assume support for share transfers to other providers is something that would be added at some point if Freetrade wanted to be considered a serious platform.

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