Reopening close ISA


I was hoping someone could help but I previously close a ISA with Freetrade but was wondering what would happen if I reopen it this year.

Would it be like a Brand New ISA with the previous ISA Activity Feed fully gone?

I closed mine and reoepened it last year and all my activity was still there from before being closed.

There’s no option to reopen your ISA in the app so I had to message Customer Support in app

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I closed and reopened mine. Message or email customer support and to save a bit of delay include your Date of Birth in the email as they’ll ask this from you.

I hadn’t used mine when I closed it so no comment about account activity.

Don’t forget that your GIA and ISA will have different payment references if you’re manually setting a payee from your bank.

Send payment to the wrong one and you’ll need Freetrade support to move it over for you.