Cannot see my ISA account in Standard Plan


I have just subscribed for Standard Plan and got charged £5.99.
But I can only see a GIA account. I cannot see any ISA account in there.
The accounts drop down only shows GIA in the list.

I used to have a ISA account earlier which I closed few months back.
Am I not allowed to open another ISA account or reopen the same one again.


I had closed an ISA account, then re-opened it through the app a couple of months ago and it didn’t appear in the drop down list. I got in contact with support and they sorted it out in a couple of days.

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How do you contact the support?

I sent an email to
Is that all I can do ?

Hi Akhil,

You can contact customer service in the app or via email at

It might be that you need to talk with customer service to reopen your ISA if you had previously closed one. The date when you closed (if it was in this tax year or last tax year) may impact whether or not you can open one too, depending on whether or not you had contributed before. Customer service will be able to help with all of this though.