Opened/closed ISA now stuck in limbo [RESOLVED]

I subscribed to a Freetrade ISA last week to have a look around the app, didn’t want to invest or pay subscription fee yet so closed it. Only realise now I could have left it dormant for a while and saved a headache.

I’ve sent emails and raised a ticket to get it reopened but right now I can’t use my Freetrade ISA or open a new S&S ISA anywhere else as I can only open one per tax year.

I’m now paying Plus subscription hoping it will be elevated but please, if anyone from FT is reading this I’ll happily DM you.

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You need to wait for support for reopen the ISA

Any idea how long support usually take to respond?

I have a similar issue. Although I haven’t had the option to open an ISA yet. I’m a plus member. Waiting on support to resolve. Sounds like there might be a related bug with ISA’s at the moment.

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As I haven’t funded the ISA I wonder if I can open one elsewhere? Trouble is I’d be declaring I haven’t subscribed to another already this tax year and I declared to FT I wouldn’t subscribe to another this tax year.

I appreciate I have actually subscribed to FT but on the basis I haven’t funded it I feel I should be allowed to go elsewhere.

Since late January response times have been around 5-7 working days but I have heard they have been getting quicker


In normal times it would be same day but they’re still upsizing the customer operations team to cope with the demand of the platform

I had similar issue during the height of the Gamestop drama. Took me 2 weeks all in all to get my ISA re-opened. About a week to get a response, they then asked for my DOB which I supplied straight away but then took another week for them to finish the process. Wasnt great. You can slightly speed it up by pre-emptively providing your DOB and maybe trying the email route. Its a simple thing for them to do - just an issue of their capacity being very limited still I think.

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@A_Clabb this was really useful thanks. I think as I’ve been a member for a number of years now - maybe during the time when they migrated everyone onto an ISA by default I have a legacy issue from that. I’ll wait for support to fix

Thanks, I’ve submitted my DoB and NI number again in case it helps them.

Update: This has been resolved and my ISA reopened via email ticket.



Glad to hear that!

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