ISA application not progressing

Hi, I tried to sign up for an account and open an s&s isa approx. 10 days ago. My account failed at the ID check and I got an email saying that the onboarding team had everything they needed and would be in touch in 1 to 2 days. My app is stuck on the ID check failed screen but confusingly I also got an email confirming my ISA had been opened and suggesting I would need to make my first monthly payment in 24 hrs!

Since then I’ve tried contacting FT via the chat, the hello email and the verification email with no response at all leaving me completely lost as to whether I’ve actually opened an ISA or not.

Aware the team are super busy but I just wanted to ask if anyone else who signed up recently had a similar experience and if so how long it took to resolve. I don’t mind being in a queue but at the moment I have no idea how long it is and, with the radio silence from FT, I’m not that confident that I’m even in it!

Anyone able to offer any advice please?

My dad tried to open an isa on the 7th feb and still not heard anything :weary:

Hi, sometimes verification needs to be done manually.
Possibly one of these emails will give you more luck.


Yeah, I suspect the answer is just to wait out but would be nice to know roughly how long and what I’m actually waiting for! I might have to have a look at other options in the meantime…

Cheers tried the verification one but can’t hurt to try some others at random!

Can anyone from freetrade offer any advice / reassurance please?