Account registration stuck for 10 days - messages ignored

I registered for an account last Saturday.

It’s been stuck on the “we need to verify your account manually” screen since then.

I’ve sent a message on the app a week ago but hasn’t been read. I’ve also tweeted. Nothing is getting a response so thought I’ll try here.

I understand you were busy due to a rush of registrations, but it’s been 10 days now.

How much longer will it take?

Can anyone from Freetrade assist please?

Hi James,

Sorry to hear your account is stuck and you’re yet to get a response. We’re super busy right now after a surge in new customers, but are making good progress in catching up.

We can’t access your customer information here, we’ve seen your DM and we’ll get someone to check it out.


Thanks Doyin, much appreciated

@James22 Hi :wave:

Could you drop me a DM and I’ll look into your account for you please? :pray: :blush:

Thank you!



My Account is also stucked on creation after I change my normal account to ISA account. Can anybody help, is quite urgent
cc @Doyin @lindafreetrade

Hi Alexis, first of all, welcome to the forum :wave:

Sorry to hear that.

We can’t access your customer information here, so could you please send us an email at, and we’ll check it out as soon as possible for you.

Will do, thanks!

Hi Linda

I wonder if you can help me also. I have been waiting for my account to be verified with all my sensitive documents being uploaded to Dropbox on the 31st January.
I’ve also messaged on the app and emailed directly two of your colleagues without even an acknowledgement of the message. I have never signed up to an online share platform and feel concerned that both my passport and bank statements are with an organisation that fails to reply and reassure it’s new customers.

Thanks Alan.

Hi Allan,

Could you please send an email over to As you’ve sent your documents over, we’ll review them and provide you with an update in 7-10 working days, hopefully sooner!

Please see more on how we’re scaling support for you in our latest update: