Stuck at account verification

Hi I have had my app stuck on account verification for 3 days now and I’m wondering if this is a bug or if it is simply taking that long.

Any help/info would be fantastic thank you.

I’ve heard a few people are stuck on this page. Some have reported deleting and reloading the app has fixed it.

If not I’d recommend dropping @Gemhappe a DM

I’ve had a similar problem. Tried to sign up last Thursday, had a message saying ‘identity check failed’ and I would receive an email telling me what to do next. I didn’t get that email but did get one saying they had all the information they needed and they’d come back to me. Still waiting for a response…

Welcome to Freetrade, Rob.
The team has been dealing with a huge influx of registrations since last week, so they are pretty swamped. The likely scenario is that you’ll be up and running before long :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply, just not sure whether I need to do anything else to verify my identity, or if I’m just waiting for my registration to be processed, as I’ve had conflicting information.

Try sending them a DM or tagging in the forum.

Hi - My app has been stuck on the account verification screen for over three weeks. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it but it’s still the same problem. I presume that my account has actually been verified by now?

Hi Peter. Have you emailed for help?

Hi J4ipo94 - I downloaded the app and applied to open the account on 30 January. On 18 February, I emailed Alexander Stewart at Freetrade to ask why my account has not been verified and I received a response to say that they ‘aim to get back to me within 10-15 working days with an update’. So there is no guarantee that the account will be up and running even by then. The verification process should be relatively straightforward. I fail to see why it is taking them so long.