Waiting 3+ weeks for account verification

I’ve sent message upon message to the help chat, never a response.

@Gemhappe can you help?

I deleted the app and tried to register again with a different email, but of course, my NI number is already there so I cannot register another account.

What gives? What do I do next?


To be blunt, you be patient. It sucks that there’s longer than usual wait times, but there are a lot of new users to Freetrade of late. Every time you put in a new chat request, you’re adding to the backlog.

As much as I can understand the frustration, posting here and tagging someone from :freetrade: isn’t going to help. After all, your forum account here isn’t linked to your :freetrade: account. So even if someone does put time into looking into your case, you’re not only slowing them down but trying to rather selfishly jump the queue. Resources get diverted and slow down requests that were legitimately put in before yours.

Again, I understand the frustration. However, you’re not helping anyone by posting.

Well, that’s fine. But how am I supposed to know that? A colleague said to sign up so I did, at the exact same time as a another colleague… Who got verified within a day!

There is nothing anywhere very obvious in the app, website or chat function (unless you go looking here!) that says to expect a multi week delay. In fact the chat still says to expect a reply typically within 1 day (I just checked)

I’m pleased they are being successful, but if they want to avoid messages such as mine, they could help themselves!


Damn right.

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