Stuck at verification


I’ve tried signing up for free trade, and it’s been stuck on waiting for account verification for probably nearly 3 weeks now, I’ve sent in the verification needed onto the drop box from the email but the email was very old because I had not seen it when I first tried signing up.

Many thanks for any help.

Hi @Kutabare

I’m afraid the community are probably not much help with this issue. Have you tried reaching out the the team directly on ?

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@Kutabare were you able to get this sorted?

If not, @MeghanB26 may be able to help.

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Hey Michael :wave:

After you sent the documents in via Dropbox, did you email us to confirm having done so? As above, if you query this with our Customer Services Team by reaching out to they can check the status of your verification and provide you with an update!


I resubmitted the documents but since the proof of address doesn’t have my national insurance number on it got declined, but the rest of my bank statements etc, don’t have my national insurance number on it either, also aren’t in the 3 months as I went paperless a few months back so I have no valid documents that are within the three months or have my national insurance on, the only document with national insurance number is the one that I got when I got my national insurance number or my online payslip account many thanks for the reply