iOS App Still unable to log in

So I thought I’d re-install the app after giving up on it when I first registered in 2021 and got stuck in an insane loop of being asked to register a new account. Sadly it looks like the issue is still happening.

I happened to dig out my old emails from 2021 as well, and realise why I gave up and deleted the app. No one from support got back to me.

I uploaded all ID to the dropbox site and was told I’d be update in 7-10 days and then radio silence.

I’ve emailed the help@ address this morning but given I’ve been waiting for an update since May 2021, I’m not holding my breath.

I just want to be able to log in to the account I created.

Hi Chris,

I’m really sorry for the difficulty with logging in. Sometimes there can be an issue when trying to use the same email address to register a new account. In any case, this shouldn’t be happening. I’ve flagged this to our customer service team. If you can DM me with the correspondence you have any the email address you’ve used to try to register then I’ll get this chased up.


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In fact I can’t see any option to DM you anywhere.

Thanks Alex

I’ll shoot the info over shortly. Just for clarification I wasn’t specifically trying to open a new account today. Just trying to log into the one I’d setup previously.



Just have sent you a DM here. If any issue finding it my email is also

Also facing this issue, have emailed support but yet to get a response. @acamp can you support?

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I have been having this problem for over 2 months. I had asked Freetrade to change my email address, which they did and confirmed that I could now login using this but every time I try I am being asked to set up a new account. I have dealt with several members of the Freetrade team in trying to resolve this but so far they have completely failed to do so. The result is that I have a £20,000 ISA that I am unable to access and therefore unable to trade. I am so totally disgusted with the inability of Freetrade to give me access to my account and my money! I have now been forced to raise a formal complaint with them and if they don’t resolve it soon I will be reporting them to the FCA because as far as I am concerned they are now stealing my money. Seems like a harsh statement but if your bank prevented you accessing your money in your account it would amount to theft. This is no different.

Hi Richard

I’m really sorry to hear about this. I’ve just raised this directly with one of our customer service team leaders to get this resolved.

Rest assured that your money is safe and secure. We will get this fixed for you.


Thanks Alex. All sorted now. The mistake was mine and therefore my comments were totally unjustified, so please accept my apologies. You and your team were great.